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Est. 1991


Rotary Watches


Swiss Watch Service have many Fine Rotary Timepieces, some are rare discontinued models which have become collector items. 

Check back often as we add more new models to the line up.

Rotary was founded by Moise Dreyfuss of La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland in 1895.  At the helm today is Robert Dreyfuss the 4th generation family member to head Rotary Watches Ltd.   Rotary has become International Brand with strong distribution thought Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia and Africa.   In 1990 Rotary began operations in North America and focused on the US market.  1994 Rotary Watches came to Canada.


For complete detail & more photos on each fine timepiece please click on the watch image of your choice.


Women's Models

Bangle Round - LB 0347/08

Lexington - LS 9100/08 

Jewels of Time - LB 0547/07


Sea Point - LB 0328/08




Monza - LB 333/08

Toledo - LB 325/01


Monaco - LB 10056

Savannah - LB 9124 -b

Monaco - LB9113/25



Men's Models

Lanai - GB 339/20

Collection - GS 515/9

Collection  - GS 497/9



Sea Point - GB 323/08

Cabrera - GB 491/9


Collection - GS 491/9

Challenger - GB 344/01

Toledo - GB 323/08


Toledo - GB 322/03

Toledo - GB 324/01