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Victorinox  Swiss Army 


We have many Victorinox Swiss Army Models to choose from.  Some are Very Rare Discontinued Models.



Interested in a Specific Model, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to let us know which one.


For complete details and price on each fine timepiece found below, click on the watch image of your choice.


Large Models


Airboss Mach 3 (Large)

Swiss Tool

Odyssey VIP (Large)

Summit XLT (Large)

Summit XLT (Large)

Cavalry Gunmetal (Large)


Hunter Mach 1 (Large)

Pack Watch

Original (Large)


Valiant Ratchet (Large)

V7-00 (Large)

V7-00 (Large)


Ambassador Automatic (Large)

Ambassador Automatic (Large)

"Rare - No Date" Pocket Watch


Renegade Blue (Large)

Renegade (Large)

Original (Large)


Infantry 2nd Time Zone (Large)

Infantry 2nd Time Zone (40 mm) 

Alliance (Large)


Maverick II (Large)

Officer's 2-Tone (Large)

Lance 100 Two-Tone (Large)


Centurion Chrono (Large)

Officer's (Large)

Officer's (Large)


Chrono Classic




Chrono Pro Automatic


Small & Mid-Size Models

Valiant (Small)

Victoria Diamond Bezel

Original (Small)


Original (Small)

Original SAi (Small)

Lancer 100 (Mid-Size)


Renegade (Small)

Officer's (Small)

Officer's Ratchet 2-Tone (Mid-Size)


Excursion (Small)

Officer's (Small)

Officer's Ratchet (Mid-Size)


Cavalry (Small)

Cavalry Gunmetal (Small)

Officer's (Small)


Interested in another Swiss Army Model - Let Us know which One and we'll do are best to get it for you

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