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Quality Watch Repairs and Service



Some of

Our Repair Services

(SWS) - Swiss Watch Services will look after all your watch servicing needs from simply changing a battery, or a new crystal / glass, stem and crown on your favourite timepiece, plus we specialize in complete overhauls

(Full Servicing) or as we say CTR (Complete Technical Revision) on any watch.



Servicing or a CTR for you watch is just like changing the oil in your car and is something

that should be done periodically to keep any timepiece in proper running condition.


Contact Us to see when your timepiece may be in need of service.

Send us your watch for a Free Assessment
SWS - Watch Battery Replacement

Why send us your watch to replace the battery when it's easier to take it to your local Jeweller ?

Crystal Replacement

SWS - Watch Crystal Replacement

Plastic, Tension Ring, Mineral round or

special cut, also Sapphire Crystals Replaced

Crown / Stem Replacement

SWS - Watch crown and stem replacement

Stem and Crown Replacement.

Stem broken or Crown came off and lost - We can help


SWS - Quartz Watch Repair

All Quartz watches serviced and repaired.

Most Circuits and Coils in stock.

Mechanical / Automatic

SWS - Automatic Watch Repair

Servicing and Repairing Mechanical, Automatic and Automatic Chronographs

SWS - Accutron Watch Repair

Accutron Service is still available

for some models.

Pocket Watches

SWS - Pocket Watch Repair

Pocket Watch Repairs and Service, parts are still available for many Watch Brands

Dial Refinishing

SWS - Watch Dial Refinishing

Dial Refinishing will help bring back your watch's original appearance 

SWS - Watch Case Plating

Our Re-Plating Services can restore the original lustre of your favourite timepiece

SWS - Swiss Watch Repair

All Estimates - No Charge

Send In Your Watch

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