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Victorinox Swiss Army


We have a large selection of Victorinox Swiss Army, Swiss Army and Victorinox Bracelets and Straps in stock. We also have quite a few Swiss Army straps and bracelets that have been discontinued which are rare and very hard to find. Not all are listed below. We will be updating this page often.

If you are looking for a specific strap or bracelet not listed here please fill out the form found at the bottom of this page.  

We will get back to you with availability and delivery time as soon as possible.


For more details and price please click on the Dark Bordered image of your choice


Airboss Mach 3 - 001006

Airboss Mach 6 - 002101

Alliance (Large) - 000278

Alliance Chrono (Large) - 000282


Alliance Rect. (Large) - 000629

Alliance (Small) - 000280

Alliance (Large) - 004363
Swiss Army Base Camp Small Rubber Strap

Base Camp (Small) - 004316


Cavalry II - 09320

Swiss Army Cavalry Brown Leather Olive Nylon Straps

Cavalry (Small) - 21489

Cavalry (Small) - 09882

Cavalry (Small) - 21141


Swiss Army Convoy Chrono Bracelets

Convoy Chrono - 003433

Infantry - 000285

Infantry - 000287

Infantry 2nd Time Zone -00297


Infantry Chrono - 001052

Odyssey Extreme - 22547

Discontinued "Very Rare"

Odyssey Extreme - 22548

Discontinued "Very Rare"

Odyssey Extreme - 22545



Officer's LS (Large) - 08493

Original (Large) - 20000 / 20001


Original (Small) - 20194


Original (Large) - 21125

Swiss Army Original leather straps

Original (Small) - 21123

Original SAi (Large) - 08484

Swiss Army Summit XLT Straps

Summit XLT - 000787

Valiant (Large) - 23513


Interested in Specific Strap or Bracelet - Let Us know which One and we'll do are best to get it for you


Watch Model # can be found on the case back of your watch.  It is a 5 or 6 digit number beginning with 24....

Some models from the 1990's and early 2000's have no number on the back of the watch.  If the Model or number is unknown to you,  you may need to send us a photo of the watch so we can find the correct strap or bracelet for it.

e-mail a photo if needed -

Thank you for your inquiry.

It may be a few days getting back to you depending on the Strap / Bracelet you need but we will do so as soon as possible.
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